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Playing the WCS its clear how powerful the "bubble" attack can be when well used but its something I've always thought was a bit too heavily on the side of the "bubbles". Instead of just dropping the bubble on the attacking base the bubbles on all the attacking player's bases should be popped when they start to attack. Why should they get the protection of shielded support weapon bases for free? If you really want to make it total carnage then pop the bubbles of everyone who's support weapon is preset on an attackers base lol.

secondly - why cant we sim attacks on bubble players to setup our attacks ready for when they drop their shields. why should they have the ability to sit for up to 24hrs setting up attacks on enemy bases and saving them ready to use while the "defenders" can only use cncopt to look at their bases and not sim attacks. Just adds to the inbalance of the "bubble".


  • JCXer
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    It was when EA made changes to the sector relocation that using bubbles was really turned into a weapon. Before, an alliance could fill all holes in their territory and force enemies to land way in the back if they relocated. Now they can land right next to you in Forgotten area, even if there are no holes.

    I remember seeing another thread about how there should be a greater penalty if you get killed. And that if you wipe out an enemy pvp team, they should not be able to simply use the 40 field jump to respawn their dead bases in an adjacent sector as soon as they are dead, and then relocate BACK to your sector and land on top of you with bubbles again -- with all bonuses back and ability to attack. So after spending all that CP and RT to kill an enemy, you can actually put yourself in a worse position because they are able to land back on top of you with bubbles and don't need to wait the normal 24 hours to attack. This does not seem right or fair, and one of the mods commented that this was not something EA had ever intended, and that it did need to be fixed.

    The first suggestion could help solve this. Another idea is to impose a penalty where you can't sector for 24 hours if one of your bases gets killed in pvp.

    Regarding the second suggestion, there is a publicly-available script that lets you see inside bubbled enemy bases. I think you can also sim them, but would have to double-check.
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