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Loss of Attack Repair Time on Respawn

A number of lads in my alliance have reported over past 2 days a problem that has happened since last patch
When they have been killed on re-spawn 24 hours later ALL there Attack Repair Time has gone
some have lost 2 days ATTACK REPAIR TIME others have lost a Day one even lost 4 days he had saved
(and Paid for)

Not much point playing dead for 24 hours to re-spawn for a attack if you have no Repair time

this is on Tib 36

Has any one else noticed this Problem


  • Maybe it's something from the old worlds and in the new economy it's not like that but ...
    When a base is destroyed, the accumulation time of repair of that base was stopped.
    The repair time is only recharged when the base has been regenerated, when it's alive; you have purchased extra repair time or not.
    To simplify a bit, if you destroy the base with 10 hours of repair, even if you take three days to regenerate it, you still have only those 10 hours of repair.

    I see it normal.
    Not a part of EA / Envision teams - My comments are only mine.
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