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Clarification on Camp Spawns


Could you provide clarification on how camp spawns work?

From my understanding, camps are spawned automatically with no limit with any base that has offensive units. Camps are spawned at - 3 to +3 of a bases offense or defense level.

1. Are camp levels spawned by the higher level of offense or defense level of a base or is the average of the two taken? E.G. - A level 20 base with a level 15 offense and a level 20 defense will spawn camps from level 17 to level 23.

2. How are the level of camps to be spawned or re-spawned influenced? Are camp levels influenced by the players base level, or the average of players base level within x range (4.5 spaces) of the base shooting camps? Or are camp level spawns and re-spawns an influence of the defense or offense level of the base that is attacking?

3. Do camp level work similar to outposts with regards to a players base level? For instance, that level 20 base with a level 15 offense and a level 20 defense will spawn camps, on average at level 20 since the defense level and player base level are the same? Same goes for player bases 2 levels below or above the higher of the offense or defense level.

4. Will follow-up camps spawn continuously without a pause or break or is there a cool down period that game inserts after x amount of camps are spawned?

5. How far will a camp be spawned from the base that is shooting it? 6.5 spaces?


  • The camps spawn in the level range -1/+3 from the maximum between defense and offense, each rounded down. So if your offense is 34.95 and defense 36.1 then your camps will be 35-39.
    If your offense is 34.95 and defense 32.1, then camps will be 33-37.
    Base level has no influence on this at all.
    I believe, the spawn radius is 6, but could be wrong.
    Each base with offense units generates 2 camps. They spawn inside your alliance territory if that is possible. Respawns of camps are indefinite.
    They disappear and re-generate on their own every few hours.
    There is a bug, if both of your camps are killed simultaneously, then only one reappears. If you let this one camp disappear and regenerate, then you will get 2 camps again. If you keep killing it, then you will keep getting just one.
  • @chertosha,

    Thank you!
  • M1soH0ney
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    @EE_Elephterion or @chertosha ,

    Does a player base level influence the level of camps to drop as well? For example, Player offense level is level 20. The range of camps spawned is between 19 and 23. Does having a higher base level influence having more level 23 camps spawn than level 19 camps? Does anything influence the two camp level spawned or is it purely random?
  • gamerdruid
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    chertosha wrote: »
    Base level has no influence on this at all.....
    Does this not address your question?
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  • M1soH0ney
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    @gamerdruid it answered part of it. The next part would be "does anything influence the level of camps spawned or is it completely random?
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