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bug with camps

We are facing a new, bug probably. As we all know every base is producing always 2 camps , so if you put together 2 bases you must always having 4 camps. The last few days we have 2 main bases farming alone camps having 4 camps all the time as it should be, suddenly today after we killed 2 camps at the same time almost, 1 camp dissappeared and since then only 3 camps are around when it should be 4...Hope devs can take a look at this
Thanks in advance


  • gamerdruid
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    This is a known issue. Killing two camps from the same generating player in quick succession can result in only one being spawned. I understand that the 2nd camp from that player does eventually appear, just not quickly.
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  • no it doesnt , you have to move in a 10+++ fields area in order to get back all the camps
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