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GDI missile squad with parachute leaves the base without attacking buildings - Worth testing

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I noted that missile squad tends to be released from Paladin at the end of the base and will leave the base without attacking the buildings. It occures even if the unit had a long and empty place to land.
This way, missile unit won't attack either from the ground or from the air. Earlier, it attacked from air if there was not place to land... ( TIB26 )
Sometimes it works properly, sometimes not...
On the picture, missile squad is just released. (Why not earlier?)
If the carrier (Paladin) is shot down, missile unit attacks the def units below from air - but carried unit is not released in time over base area
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  • KG5IZE
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    seems like a traffic jam when the pally should be letting the infantry out there is a unit in the way so it cant. making a video will post it later showing it https://youtube.com/watch?v=IExRiY6lyiU and here is when it happens twice to guardian and palladin kinda funny really https://youtube.com/watch?v=UzWvtshToZU
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  • EE_Elephterion
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    Indeed, seems like you ran into an edgecase where the air transport keeps moving in pace with the ground forces and finds no place to unload the troops. I'm not even sure if under these circumstances dismounting midair would help, as the parachutes would run into the same problem.
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  • BambiByte
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    It is still strange. I mean the behavior. I think, Paladin should release the carried unit at the start of the base - at the latest - even if no space to land at that moment. In real life it is "drop zone" even if there is a truck below! The released unit should fight from air, and land when a proper field is free. Parachute unit should behave just like in def area when its carrier is shot down. Being a demolisher unit, its main targets are buildings. It is not logical to miss the main targets in base if the unit is not released previously (the carrier was not shot) in def area.
    If a carrier reaches the first line of base, carried unit should be released - in GDI and NOD as well. Other behavior than "transport to the base" (not into) should be forgotten. Balanced, fair and comparable operating mechanism is important to have, I think. I like differences in many cases, but not in basic rules and behavior.
    One more idea: A real parachute can not be stopped fully without colapsing, so units should pass forward continously, it can be slowed down only. When the unit is in air, it shall be considered as the unit passing through the lowest air layer. / Might have an own layer to avoid the traffic jam, since it is under the planes' flight level (dropped from there) /
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