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ban, duo et solo, signalisation

1) ajouter la possibilité de signaler en jeu des joueurs: mauvaise connection, triche etc...
2) pouvoir bannir une personne par vote
3) mettre un mode solo, duo, trio ou quatuor


  • gamerdruid
    2847 posts Moderator
    I doubt any of these will happen.

    1) a) flagging a player as having a bad connection - what would be the purpose?
    b) flagging a player as a cheat - there are so many different views on what constitutes 'cheating' it would be difficult, also what happens to a player who has been flagged 150 times by enemy alliance players?

    2) banning a player by vote - the same as 1b) what happens to the player if they are 'banned' by a vote of 150 enemy alliance member?

    3) I don't understand the different 'modes' that you're suggesting.
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