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The Ultimate Collection without red alert 2 and Yuri

1 posts New member
Few years ago I bought Command & Conquer™ The Ultimate Collection by origin.I want play red alert 2 now,but I cannot find red alert 2 in my games.Thought I can find red alert, red alert 3, and other C&C series.

I contact support, but they still cannot solve this problem :(
So they suggest me to ask the problem in the forum.

Please help me.

PS: My English isn't very good, please don't mind.


  • Milanor39
    1 posts New member
    I am sorry that I can find red alert 2 in hide games, But I don't remember I have been hide ra2.
    It was too strange!!

    Please forgive me, and thanks support and everybody!!
  • gamerdruid
    2914 posts Moderator
    I am unsure what help that support expect from the people here?

    If I understand you correctly you can not find Red Alert 2 in your Origin list of games. Is that correct?
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