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What's the difference between Morale enable and the old world Morale?

Can someone tell me the difference between Morale enable in the new world (Tiberium) and the way it is setup in the old world?



  • gamerdruid
    4700 posts Moderator
    There are many 'old' world configurations. Morale is the same on all of them if enabled.

    Other 'old' worlds have things called 'old economy', 'new economy', 'forgotten attacks' and 'morale'

    A few have 'forgotten attacks' and 'morale' enabled at the same time.

    Tib40 will have only 'morale' enabled.
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  • EE_Elephterion
    1923 posts Envision Developer
    Hello Commander,
    which older world are you referring to exactly?
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  • World 34...... In this world we got penalized (less offence) when trying to hit higher level base/camp/outpost. For example hitting camp 65 with offense level 47 is very much less effective compare to hitting the camp 65 with offense level 60.

    Is that what its effect when Tiberian 40 has morale enabled? or does the result (effectiveness) even worst compare to old world morale setup?
  • EE_Elephterion
    1923 posts Envision Developer
    The moral system that is in place on Tib40 will give your units a temporary decrease in efficiency if you attack a Base that is well above your level, so I suppose the mechanics are comparable. On these worlds you won't have to get attacked by the Forgotten.
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  • R1verTam
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    @EE_Elephterion, is the morale system dynamic to the size of the world? I'm used to morale kicking in when a players offense level is around 6-7 levels less than the Forgotten Base level being attacked.

    However, on T40 it seems the morale level difference is more around 4 levels of difference (Level 9 offense can shoot up to level 13 Forgotten bases without morale kicking in).
  • EE_Elephterion
    1923 posts Envision Developer
    Yes, the morale system adjusts itself to the size of a world.
    Envision Entertainment Community Liaison
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