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Order of base names in "Transfer Resources" list

When I'm looking at one of my bases, and I click on "Transfer Resources" (or type the letter 't') the list of all the other bases appears. The order of that list is alphabetical, or distance from this base, or how much Tiberium (or Crystals) the other base has, depending on which column I used to sort the list the last time I looked. Sometimes I would like to see the list in the order that I created my bases in the first place (the base names are NOT in alphabetical order) but I do not see a column to click on to get such a sorting. Am I forced to prefix all of my base names with a 2-digit sort-code?


  • gamerdruid
    2834 posts Moderator
    Everyone has their own preference for the order in which the list appears. As you have noticed the system doesn't have an option for to display bases in the order in which they are created.

    How you work around this is your choice. You could rename the bases such that they are in alphabetical order, or give each base a 2-digit code (as you suggest) or simply number you bases or prefix each with a letter code. The default names given are given a numerical code - I always change mine, many don't make a change at all.
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  • EE_Elephterion
    1220 posts Envision Developer
    Hello Commander,

    I am afraid right now there is no such feature, so your sorting code solution would be the current advice.
    I will however take this suggestion up for a future patch 19.4 :)
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  • BambiByte
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    edited June 27
    It IS interesting, since you can see the transfer list sorted by creation order first, - but after sorting the bases - let's say - by stored amount, you can not set the list back to the original order how it appears first. I guess, creation order is already stored somehow in the server. No other explanation for that.
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