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Reporting C&C Tiberium Allainces Hacks / Cheats

Want to report some kind of hack/cheat that is being used with a tactic that is often looked down upon in the game.

For years, we have seen players "Lock down bases" during a battle to prevent opponents from attacking their bases while they attack uninhibited. This is done by another alliance that usually has no diplo with them, and they have them constantly send a weak attack (ex: 1 infantry down an empty lane) to keep their base in attack/alert status (locked down).

However, the software cheat appears to take it a step further, by spoofing the information about who the real attacker is. This prevents the other team from finding and killing that base to end the lock down status.

I have a screenshot of the spoofed information but cannot share links apparently.

The player it points to as an attacker (from our alliance) did not exist in our alliance. They dropped 2 days prior. So the information they are reporting is false, clearly an attempt to mask the real attacker. That sounds like a 3rd party hack being employed. Does it not?


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