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Reporting C&C Tiberium Allainces Hacks / Cheats

Want to report some kind of hack/cheat that is being used with a tactic that is often looked down upon in the game.

For years, we have seen players "Lock down bases" during a battle to prevent opponents from attacking their bases while they attack uninhibited. This is done by another alliance that usually has no diplo with them, and they have them constantly send a weak attack (ex: 1 infantry down an empty lane) to keep their base in attack/alert status (locked down).

However, the software cheat appears to take it a step further, by spoofing the information about who the real attacker is. This prevents the other team from finding and killing that base to end the lock down status.

I have a screenshot of the spoofed information but cannot share links apparently.

The player it points to as an attacker (from our alliance) did not exist in our alliance. They dropped 2 days prior. So the information they are reporting is false, clearly an attempt to mask the real attacker. That sounds like a 3rd party hack being employed. Does it not?


  • gamerdruid
    4813 posts Moderator
    An interesting observation. @EE_Elephterion may be able to comment further.
    I am not an employee of EA/Envision. The views expressed are my own!
  • EE_Elephterion
    1936 posts Envision Developer
    You can always directly send any vital or sensitive information to me or other developers directly here on the forum.
    Envision Entertainment Community Liaison
  • EA, there is cheating going on. A player with nickname: awesomesk22 jump in front of our Alliance and nobody from the team can't attack him. This is definetively a clitch or a hack in the System. This is happening on Firestorm15. You need to look into this URGENLY.
  • the player we cant atack "because our army its already atacking" , its Awesomek22.
    the world its firestom 15 , hack used 12:47 am -5gmt
  • How come a player jump in front of the enemy and cannot be attacked? This is in FireStorm15. https://prnt.sc/1ixbatm
  • Haha I knew there was something going on with his main base. He had been sitting in multiple wave areas for days on end without being attacked by the FG. There is no way he has ad the def to cope with that.
  • @@EE_Elephterion seriously EA you allow an alliance to have immortal bases from the start of the server and do nothing. Invest time and money for nothing.
  • This is so Ridiculous! I can't believe it! We fought so hard to get where we are and now we are finding out that there are inmortal bases? What in the world is this?
  • that player need to be kicked and banned from all ea worlds, including all his players, taking advantage with diryt tools. a shame
  • The funny thing is that 1 player base (Awesomesk22) have an inmortal base and can take 1 POI and never be killed because he has all the rights to be inmortal. That player base was never killed during the entire server and obviously took advantage of it and now he comes like a clown and sit his base in front of our grid. Thanks EA for making it so UNFAIR even after you make the changes on the Server that affect a lot of alliances and benefits others with higher POIs and distance, now you come with this new gift. Man, there is no words for this @EE_Elephterion https://prnt.sc/1ixfje1
  • Hi admins.. please review this asap and BANN this awesomesk22 player immediatley...
    - this is unprecidented outright cheating... and even if its a game glitch.. he has not reported it, and continues to use it to HUGE advantage !

    We have all spent ALOT of money onto funds to get to centre, now , to ONLY realise this guy cant be killed !!!!
    BANN asap to secure the integrity of the game please and thankyou

    ShopKey ( PsychoSeagul )
  • el jugador awesomek22 esta usando alguna clase de hack , la base de el no se puede atacar , invertimos mucho dinero en este juego como para soportar estas cosas , exijo la suspensión de esa cuenta ahora mismo
  • Really ??? Now This ???? What a great way to **** with the game.
    This has been a horrible server now a Player (knowingly) with a GLITCH and has not been attacked SINCE EVER.

    Well done EA, what a great job!!!
  • Wow, interested to hear what the outcome on this one is. I was thinking people were seeing things or something until I heard shopkey saying he sees it too.
  • There is only one thing here to do @EE_Elephterion and @EE_Chris if there is at least one small amount of dignity on you in order to make Firestorm 15 work please punish awesomesk22 as he knew that his base couldn't be destroyed by FG or in PVP. Otherwise how can this be fair to the other players ?
    How can this be fair to those that spend money on this server and on this game ?

    Can you please answer this questions ?

  • @EE_Elephterion Anything ?
    Really and honestly think that EA would care more about the players that spend money on this game.
    Now with cheating people can do what they want how they want and dont get punished.
  • gamerdruid
    4813 posts Moderator
    This is not a chat room and EE_Elpheterion doesn't monitor these forums constantly so giving a running commentary isn't going to solve any perceived problems or issues.

    There are official ways to complain about a player in-game, use that method. It does work if enough players make a substantiated complaint.

    I've looked into world FS15 and I see mainly players which are generating high 30's camps at the centre of the conflict - an indication of their army strength. Bases are mainly in the 20's but sitting in a Forgotten area of around 43+

    Claims that a base can't be attacked need to be backed up with screen shots that actually say that and preferrably with shots that also show the defence levels. I can't see that type of information as my account is a normal player account so I can only see what a non-member of alliances at the edge of the world can see.

    Remember however that this is a forum not a chat room!
    I am not an employee of EA/Envision. The views expressed are my own!
  • Why you guys only want to ban these one player??? Ban the complete Ally!
    For sure there are more people who know whats going on + looks like they tolerate it (otherwise they already would have kicked that guy)
  • gamerdruid
    4813 posts Moderator
    Up to now nothing I've seen suggests anything untoward happening. So 'tolerating' something isn't an option if there is nothing to 'tolerate'. Cheats will be dealt with severely, but there has to be proof first. Simply killing others isn't proof!
    I am not an employee of EA/Envision. The views expressed are my own!
  • MiKaTiVa
    2 posts New member
    Is it a bug in the game or are you actually using a script? It is hurting us and you are not doing anything about it.
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