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Combat lock - Reporting software hack



  • gamerdruid
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    The stuck in combat mode has been seen on other worlds after other developer patches. It is possible it is a particular exploit, but ....

    I know I didn't exploit it and had a base stuck in the past. It could be an exploitable problem that also randomly occurs.

    It is true that after every dev patch lately some scripts break. Part of that is due to the style of the scripts and the calls they make, part of it is due to back-end changes the developers make to improve data handling or for other reasons. They don't set out to break the scripts, but they equally don't set out to maintain the integrity of the scripts either.
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  • So, as I said before. Kejorn is full of garbage and lying about me in world chat, and in the forums. At what point does his never ending smearing of my character get him banned, reported for harassment or muted? It is clear that I have done no cheating, and that this is a common problem in multiple worlds!

    Kejorn/Greymouser (the same guy) need to focus on the game and not lying about someone cheating to make trouble for innocent players like me!
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