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Post-attack movement cooldown timer hack/bug TIB 26

I was attacked by a players' base (co-ords in incoming reports) and SAW that his 6 hour timer had started, and was using that as a gauge for repositioning my resources.
10 minutes later, another of mine was attacked by the same base from a different location 10 spots away, (again...in reports). My 2nd base was out of range from his 1st location. Not a different base of the same name, same base. Gone from the old location, in a new location, 10 minutes difference in attacks. The only thing that has ever released ME from an attack cd timer was getting killed.


  • Without knowing the exact whereabouts of the different bases at their respective times of the events this is hard to gauge. But 10 fields of movement are what's possible after attacking a target, so I'd be cautious of crying foul play just from that alone.
    Envision Entertainment Community Liaison
  • Agreed, he was under no general move timer and only tethered by 10 spaces to his previous kill.
    I'm an idjit, didn't think it through.
  • Case closed :)
    Envision Entertainment Community Liaison
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