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Fortress and Virus

What is the Max No of Bases need to inject Virus into fortress to get it Defence to it lowest point

IE>- If we hold 6 Hubs do All 48 Bases need to Inject, or less to get fortress defence to lowest point


  • gamerdruid
    2943 posts Moderator
    Injecting doesn't only reduce the level, but also gives time to kill the fortress. 25 are sufficient to reduce the fortress by the max amount, this gives 50 minutes, the extras give time.
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  • Thanks
    Think we may need to inject 48 for the extra Time
  • methuselah
    376 posts Senior Moderator
    You can inject 50 if you are careful. Have the extra 2 staged and ready, have someone inject and jump off, your 49th jumps on, and injects. Rinse and repeat for #50.

    Be careful with this though, you don't want to mess this up and raise the shields in the middle of your attack :p
  • @methuselah, just to get clarification, I wanted to attempt to get all 50 virus injections on Firestorm 10 a couple of weeks ago and was told that if someone moved off of a hub after injecting the virus, the time would be deducted and it would not make a difference. So, we didn't make the swap out. When the "fort team" departed, post destruction of the DF, I did not see a time deduction, none-the-less, it would be great to hear it from someone else.
  • I can confirm that when i was helping an alliance kill the fortress, i injected the virus, hit the fortress a couple times. When it was clear the fortress dies, I left alliance, and my 2.5 minutes were immediately subtracted from the timer. At that moment one hub was lost, but the time of others who already injected and now sat on an incomplete hub was not subtracted.
    I have not tried substituting 49th and 50th person. Maybe it worked at some point in the distant past, but I think now it would not work.
  • thanks, chertosha, that helps a lot.
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