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Moving from One World to the Next

I hope this is not a technical question.
I have an account in WORLD 12.
I wish to start over on WORLD 40.
When I click on "pick new server" once I am logged in, it only shows the two worlds I already played on years ago.
Where do I go to get a list of all the servers online? as a scroll menu?
Thanks - Forgotten


  • methuselah
    439 posts Senior Moderator
    Click "Start a new game" above your existing server list. That will show you available worlds. When you say "world 40" if you mean "Tiberium 40" select it and off you go. Good luck!
  • thanks for your diligent reply however forgive me for my inability to understand. Yes I meant, Tiberium 40. When I log into the splash screen where the "blue button" is to log into the world I am registered to, under that is a "server name" and a button that says "change server". When I click on that, I get a new screen that only shows the two worlds I previously played on but nothing else. Nowhere does it show "start new game". Sorry too old to figure this out on my own. :)
  • Once I am on the new screen there is a black box displaying only two worlds as I have mentioned. But when I move the mouse around I see the pointer change to a hand but there is nothing there. If I hover over one of the two worlds mentioned a small green box pops up next to it with a description of the world I was on and the level I was at before I left. Very useful. I am speculating but is it possible that the reference you are making happens to be dark text on dark background giving the impression it is not there? or is the reference you are making on another screen?
  • bkdi8x5921mm.jpg

    This is how it should look like
  • thank you so much for helping. I hope its my hardware and not a bug but I only see the white text, everything else is completely black. I see no buttons, etc. I speak only English but I don't care as this really helps me. When I use your picture to click, it actually moved me to the list of all active servers. Well done :) but I just need the next picture to show me where to click to confirm my choice. I tried clicking under the selected server but it just brought me back to the same dark screen I had before. Thanks again for your help. Just one last thing and I think I will be complete.
  • well no worries, I have figured it out, in the dark. What I did was select the world I wanted, then clicked on the black portion under the list in the dark, on the right side and it sent me the, start all over screen. So now I have moved and very happy with that. Could not have done it without you, thanks a bunch
  • Your welcome ... but you still should clear cache and/or disable scripts in case you have some running ... it is definatly not normal to have only a dark screen.
  • gamerdruid
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    It does sound very much like a local issue not displaying images/buttons correctly.

    Try again with a different browser that you don't normally use and with no scripts installed. You should see the correct displays.
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  • I wanted to make sure before I posted this comment. As soon as I used CROME all my problems were gone. I tried three other desktops at work and at home, plus a laptop, all with IE and all gave the same blank screen. I also experienced this with other authentication app while in IE the final validation screen is sometimes all black or white screen. Just letting you know.
  • IE wasn't supported by the game for a very long time. I'm not sure it is used by many even now. Chrome, or Firefox seem to be the most common browsers for the game because of their support of scripts.

    I am not an employee of EA/Envision. The views expressed are my own!
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