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Last couple of servers

been very weak, changes need to be made, need to up the loot. why so long for a new server, is it because players are down, should make the servers quicker not finding many players new who stay. when they see it takes so long. no loyalty bonus will mean all will go to one team, never any sort of update to combat that, really have to wonder if ea have the capacity to continue, fifa always the same seems to be a trend, 1. a time table of new servers, ( why so long for non fg attacks with no ,malus) at least then the time taken to make sim work would mean its useful.
2. more loot
3. loyalty bonus i dont care if 50 top players start a server qestion is why so many not finnish with there team, cant fight for the German and British in war, so really the sense in the game is none.
4. upgrades need to do as advertised, i got venom upgrade as units didt shoot it until it shot, now everything can shoot hidden men down, when the changes made were free to combat just build different,
5. listening to one group of players to base changes on, just make them their own game.
6. have found myself playing other games, been about since 2012 may, fact i leave a server global chat dies. and servers dont get as much of a donation, pvp will bring in funds but you killed that .
7. attack locking scripts are real, can give you multiple videos of attacks effected more shooting certain players , for eas lack of effort on sorting that, along with changes mid game, think refunds should be given to players, if i buy a pint of milk i want milk not half of it then change it to squash, that **** happpens would want a refund.
8. loads of wants when at times was happy with game, is more i could list but meh waste of time.
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