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Just as a matter of interest

When you think of the number of people playing this game
Then you look at the small number of those who Post on Forum its a SMALL Percentage
and you also look at the Number of view each Post gets,
Many of the post a viewed by the same person
So it does misrepresent the actual number of players Viewing posts

With the above one does wonder at times what use is the forum, as most time the Devs, Ea, and any other company involved in the game,
Seem to take, not much notice of the comments, made by a hand full of players
(Except past couple of days Re the Maul Levels on Tib 40)

So again what can the Devs do to get players interested in the Forum again and thus get a wider range of views

Thought this would make a discussion point with out any inter player backstabbing that seems to occur recently
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