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[COMPLETED]19.3 Patch Notes and Maintenance August 14

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Hello Commanders,

We are ready to roll out the next update! We will be patching the first set of worlds on August 14th, 2019. The rest of the worlds follow the week after and will be patched from 20th - 21th August 2019.

We will start to bring down the affected worlds around 07:00 UTC and apply the update, then we will bring them back online. The entire process will continue until all selected worlds are patched, around 15:00 UTC.
The game worlds will be inaccessible during that time and the progression of the game world will be halted; we are sorry for the inconvenience. Average time for a world to return online will be around 1 hour if no problem arises.

Below is the list of changes. Changes of the previous Hotfix 19.2.1, that where only deployed to some worlds, are now included and will arrive on the remaining worlds.

We hope to see you on the battlefield!

Bugfixes and Changes
  • Infantry parachuting after their air transport was shot down will now open fire on their preferred targets. They can also be targeted by anti-air weaponry now.
  • The Move Cooldown from moving a base is not replaced by the move cooldowns resulting from sector relocation anymore, they now add up.
  • Using sector relocation now always results in the highest move cooldown on a base, either 12h or the regular Move Cooldown duration
  • Languages from the Dropdown list in the options are now labeled in their respective tongue
  • Build menu now auto-scales when enough screen resolution is available
  • A hint has been added to the tooltip when the boost for Supply Points is active for players
  • Up to date Firefox versions now supports hotkeys again
  • Founding bases next to the Forgotten Fortress is not possible anymore and displays a hint when attempted
  • Combat Simulation now displays a loot warning when multiple attackers are involved. This warning only appears when the simulation includes the destruction of the CY
  • Support Summary should now be displayed correctly and only in the defense view of a base
  • Layout Reservation Markers should be editable again.
  • A message has been added for players when moving into range of the Fortress while Retaliation is still active
  • Player search resulting in multiple hits should now display the correct entries again
  • Resuming control of a game after a substitution will no longer redirect you to the front page
  • Error messages after a failed purchase/use of items will no longer be stuck on screen
  • Special Characters should no longer cause errors when founding a base
  • Arrow buttons for cycling through bases now properly work when going backwards through the list

Rollout 14. 08. 2019
World 2
Welt 2
World 11 (Europe)
World 14 (Europe)
World 30 (Europe)
World 1 Polish
Welt 5
World 2 Brazilian
World 26 (USA East Coast)
Welt 8
World 33 (Europe)
World 34 (Europe)
World 3 Polish
World 1 Ukrainian
World 1 Arabic
World 4 Polish
World 50 (Europe)
World 8 Spanish
World 56 (Europe)
World 3 Dutch
World 61 (USA East Coast)
World 62 (Europe)
World 9 French
World 7 Brazilian
World 68 (USA West Coast)
World 71 (USA East Coast)
World 15 Russian
World 4 Turkish
World 8 Brazilian
World 13 Spanish
World 3 Italian
World 16 Russian
World 14 Spanish
World 9 Brazilian
World 17 Russian
World 9 Polish
World 5 Turkish
Welt 33
World 13 French
World 10 Brazilian
World 89 (Europe)
World 10 Polish
World 19 Russian
World 93 (Europe)
World 11 Brazilian
World 14 French
World 94 (USA West Coast)
World 5 Portuguese
World 15 French
World 2 Swedish
World 21 Russian
World 107 Classic (USA East Coast)
World 2 Danish
World Championship 2015
Tiberian 6 (Europe)
Firestorm 4 (Asia Pacific)
Wrath 9 (Americas)
Wrath 13 (Americas)
Tiberian 22 (Europe)
Tiberian 24
Tiberian 25
World Championship 2017
Veteran World 3
Wrath 17
Tiberian 29
Firestorm 8
Tiberian 33
Tiberian 35
Tiberian 36
Tiberian 39

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    Patch Maintenance has concluded and all worlds are reporting back in the World Browser.

    Currently the Debug-menu from PTE can be accessed in the Options. This will be disappearing over the next few days.
    If you encounter any more problems let us know. Should you experience getting stuck on the loading screen it is recommended to clear cache and cookies to get rid of any outdated game files cached by your browser.

    See you on the battlefield, Commanders!
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    Envision Entertainment Community Liaison
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