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  • ggrube
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    Best solution.
    After u beat the fortress, just open a teleport to another world (this world only have players that beat the fortress)
    All players can choose the ammount of bases to teleport and have 1 week to do so.
    They go with all resources they choose. After that, they can only teleport to another world if they they beat the fortress again.
    The credits would work for both worlds... But not the rest of resources.
    If you go with few bases, you get weak in the new world that only have experienced players.
    If you go with all, the enemies will go after you...
  • gamerdruid
    3169 posts Moderator
    In many other threads this has been suggested (or variations of it). It depends on the aim of a player, is it to kill the fortress as many times as they can, is it to rule the world, is it..... and the list goes on!

    One major flaw, when this is first introduced there would be only 50 players (or maybe 55-60 if they rotated to inject) and they would immediately rule an empty world.

    I am not an employee of EA/Envision. The views expressed are my own!
  • chertosha
    97 posts Member
    edited January 27
    One reason that multishooting of fortresses happens is the mechanism that determines fortress level. If previous winners just keep farming for fun, the next fortress will keep growing, so wings often simply cannot kill fortress without help, or have to grow to 65. It is the demand for help, not the supply, that matters most, I think.
    One way to deal with this is to compute fortress level based on offense levels of those that have not killed it yet. Of course, with this change, though more people would stop playing after winning, others will stay so that they can one shot the fortress. So those that shot it once should not be able to send attack again. I think that would fix this problem.

    This solution does not affect the king of the hill at all. If the king really won they can be doorkeepers, but can't shoot it themselves. If a competing alliance is still strong, it can prevent wings from shooting fortress by keeping growing, so potentially king can be thrown off throne and second alliance could be a competitor of winners wings and second medal can mean something.
  • Wings have the choice of allowing the main alliance members help them to do their own fortress, many take up the offer. This is entirely a discussion for the winning team.

  • Yet another King of the Hill complaint? Quit and find another game, peasant.
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