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What does cheat menu mean or do, in the Options


  • gamerdruid
    4933 posts Moderator
    The cheat menu does nothing on regular worlds - it was a mistake that it is shown.

    On the PTE it currently allows unlimited command points, movement and repair of offense for free.

    It is to be removed next week when the rest of the worlds get patch 19.3
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  • methuselah
    460 posts Senior Moderator
    The PTE is a test environment where shortcuts are helpful to get to the meat of the test. Sometimes none are active, sometimes all kinds of cool shortcuts are active, it simply depends on what is going on in there. It is a pretty cool environment, check it out if you've never done so you will see what I'm talking about.

    Just don't play it like a normal server. It gets reset, it is down for periods of time, it is all about the testing you'll get pretty frustrated if you try and play it normally.
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