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Popssible script Bug in latest world 40

I have noticed every time I hit an other players base and blow it out completely, in 1 hr it is back? or I kill the defense HQ or any of the base buildings they come back at 20%. Then if I hit them again, like 5 times, they always come back at 20%. Is that what is meant by "no morale"? you can rebuild in a matter of hours no matter your level and just retaliate?


  • gamerdruid
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    No - Morale is only related to attacking the forgotten bases that are higher than your attack level.
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  • I am also a player on Tiberium World 40 and noticed when you attack a forgotten base or another player, once you have destroyed buildings within the base up to but not including the construction yard, they re-appear on your next attack, every time. Is this normal? As well as destroying a level 15 base, it regening within an hour with 90% health? What gives?
  • BambiByte
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    edited August 2019
    It is usual as I experienced. Destroyed buildings reappear with 1% health at your next attack.
    After your last attack, it will heal itself with a given rate.
  • @OneFartataTime

    Low level player bases can be repaired fully within a very short time. (to 100%) Of course without bonuses.
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