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repair drones for barbwire not working?

2 posts New member
I just got attacked by forgotten and noticed my upgraded barbwire didn't go straight back to 100%. Is this an issue?


  • make sure our defense facility at proper level i would matching the barwire that should get it to heal properly i guess only once it has healed completely from an attack that it did not repair from... sorry i dont make sence to my self most the time
  • lrcuz
    2 posts New member
    "repair drones restore 100% of the structures hitpoints as soon as the combat is over". no mention of defence facility level
  • was just szaying how to fix it i dont know why things happen lol
  • Was the Defense Facility damaged during the last attack? Normal instant repair is 70% for all defense units, rep drones boost that to 100%. But only if the DF is at 100%, otherwise the penalties still apply.
    Envision Entertainment Community Liaison
  • lrcuz
    2 posts New member
    Defence facility was not damaged. If repair drones only boost repair by 30% it should state that in description. Instead it says 100% restore of hit points as soon as combat is over, assumed that would be regardless of anything else, otherwise upgrade is not worth it and description should be changed.
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