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Post Combat Lock

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Please explain the function of the "Post Combat Lock" mechanism and why it would engage on a player that is lower level than the one they are attacking / being attacked by?

When you attack a base, there are 2 timers:
- 2 min attack timer: if your attack completes sooner, you still have to wait for that timer to expire
- 30 second "Locked for Alliance" timer: This timer does NOT prevent you from attacking. It is simply letting you know when someone outside your alliance can attempt to attack that base.

Yet every once in awhile another timer appears:
- Post Combat lock (30 second timer - some say this amount changes) preventing you from attacking until it expires (different from "locked for alliance")

Why does it engage?
Has it been manipulated by scripts? Could someone be using this as a cheat/hack??
Why does it engage on the lower level base? In other words, why penalize the lower level base??

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