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Login Currently Unavailable (2019/08/28)

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Thank you for advise.

I have similar screens like this https://prnt.sc/oyj3jw

And I can't login.

Awaiting EA, I hope EA can fix their authentication's servers soon.
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  • Working again: https://prnt.sc/oyjepl
    Not a part of EA / Envision teams - My comments are only mine.
  • Should be working again.
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  • iguanaworld
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    After this "fix" of EA Authentication Servers I have experience some times the same error.

    When try to LogIn with my credentials and click on "Entrar" the page try to logon but never finished https://prnt.sc/p0nedr
    The "Entrar" button are in grey like trying to logon but nothing happens.

    If I reload the page the LogIn screen changes to https://prnt.sc/p0ngu2

    Now, the user (mail) is accepted but the password is empty and I'm not login.
    After reentry the password all works normally again.

    Well one or two times is a aleatory problem but all days I have this error several times, like a server is broken or similar.

    I know this is not a problem for Tiberium Alliances developers but maybe he can send this info to EA.

    Thank you in advance.

    Edited: Using Chrome, I don't tested with Firefox.
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