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Buy Tiberum Allliance Fund by Handphone

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I am Santoso from Indonesia. I am male about 50 years old. A many years ago I has play this game. I have a many email for this. One of this is S***@gmail.com. I play at Dunia 1, Command & Conquer. There is I can pay some TBA by Handphone.

Now I play at Firestorm 12, Tiberian 40 and now the new one, Wrath. But I can't buy TBA with use my Handphone. Must be use a credit card. Not any body has a credit card in Indonesia, my country.
So please, you must make this game can buy by Handphone.

In Asia, at least Indonesi, pay handphone method is increasing significant. Any thing we can buy use our hand phone.

So please, make a better for buy.

Santoso Pribadi

EDIT: Removed email and Telephone number
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    No-one from EA (where these decisions are made) is likely to see this post.

    It is unfortunate, but many countries not in Europe and North America have problems purchasing funds for the game, but these rarely get resolved satisfactorily.
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