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Supplies stock amount don't reset

Although I have no supplies in stock, the stock remains at the number 3. Restarting the game makes no sense. It continues to indicate the number 3. What can I do to make the stock arrow count correctly



  • Hello Commander,

    Can you tell me what world this error happens on? Have you tried logging out and back in manually?
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  • Wrath 24 and yes i tried logging out and back in with no result! could it be because of a script i use ?
  • gamerdruid
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    One way to test the 'script' idea - remove or stop all scripts (easier way is to log on via a browser without them installed such as a one you don't use for the game) and see if that corrects your issue. Also, clearing the history and cache in the browser you do use for the game may help.
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  • sorry all you suggested did not work. even restart the whole pc didn't work. strange thing now is that instead stock amount of 3 it today changed to 1
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