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Red Alert 3 Decimation Map Pack on Xbox One Backwards Compatible does not work.

Me and a friend both have Red Alert 3, I have it on disc while my friend bought it on the Xbox One store. He got the Decimation Map Pack for it when he could, but even though it was installed, and many other measures were used, the maps never showed up. My disc version, however, worked from day one on Xbox One. We went through every step under the sun and even Xbox Support told us it was an issue on EA's end.


  • wnet730
    1 posts New member
    Can confirm it does not work. Kind of pissed I was still able to purchase it.
  • gamerdruid
    3954 posts Moderator
    Try contacting EA support directly. There is limited knowledge of on-going installation difficulties amongst those that frequent these forums.
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  • h1tORm155
    1 posts New member
    confirming about a year later you still ca't play the pack and if you uninstall it(which i did thing its was some mistake or glitch) it will say you don't own this and it will say you have to purchase it again to own it(if you think thats not true i have the ordered extension on my order history and when i press the yellow Y button on my controller while i am in the game it will have a tick next to its name and it will say i own it
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