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Propos des coalitions

since several worlds especially tiberium coalitions are forming
we do not call it allies because most of these coalitions are double triples or even quadruple accounts
So easy to follow an ali without paying a cent and be able to claim a medal for the sole purpose of doing the same thing on a champion world
while players, real, spend money to play!

EA loses money some players leave this addictive game

what do the designers do?


  • Too many multi accounts
    especially for players who want to go on WCS
    They pass their small accounts without funds to get a medal for the wcs
    it would be best to kick these players once the center is destroyed
    would be much more equitable for the following alliances
    and finally what right some players forbid to connect to a world?
    who are they?

    What does EA do when reports are filed

    damage because of these players some of which big fundeurs seek another game >:)
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