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Destroyed camp continues to launch attacks on my base

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Is it normal to receive attacks from a camp that had been previously destroyed?

I had destroyed him and suddenly I saw that he had attacked me while I attacked him. If it's already destroyed with my first attack, how can he launch more attacks over my base?


Is it a bug?

World8 Spain.

Thanks and regards, vindicator.


  • I've seen this happen on rare occasions when on a forgotten server and in a multi-wave area. I can't remember if it was a camp or a base that was attacking, but it certainly attacked after the forgotten source was destroyed.

    It could be considered a bug, but as it is a rare occurrence I wouldn't put it high on the list of things 'to do'.
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  • nefrontheone
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    Is it a bug?

    Hi Vindicator!

    Yes, that same situation has happened to me in the past, in a world (or several) where the attacks of the forgotten are activated I destroyed a forgotten camp (on another occasion it was a base) and although this camp no longer existed it continued to launch attacks until The number of waves was reached.

    I believe that it is a failure in the mechanics of the game because there should be a detector to verify, before launching an attack, that said forgotten is still alive and has the capacity to attack.

    The most similar example is when you attack an enemy and destroy him, he cannot attack you until a recovery time passes.

    Or also when you attack an enemy and break the command center, which also cannot attack until it is recovered.

    I think it is a fail and I reported it in the past but I think it has not been solved yet or that they cannot solve it.
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  • nefrontheone
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    Imagine that the game has a subroutine where wave attacks are executed.
    In this routine, a "module" should be added to verify that the forgotten base is alive and with its 100% command center before launching the attack.
    If the base is good, the wave is launched, if it is not good, the subroutine of wave attacks is abandoned.
    Another thing is that the development team can include something like that in the game, which I don't know.
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  • I have re-drawn their attention to the bug - I don't know if it will be addressed or not though!
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  • Yes, I have also seen those attacks when the forgotten base was destroyed. :-(

    But on World Forgotten Attacks Beta.
    Always testing something
  • Hello Commanders,

    from what I can discern this is by design. It is not intended to cancel multi-waves.
    Think of the waves rolling out at the same time but only hitting one after another to grind down your defenses. So whether you mount a counter offensive against the base of origin or not, the attack is already well underway.
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  • Why doesn't the same procedure apply to the fight between players?

    Even if my base was destroyed, if I started attacking I should be able to continue attacking more waves even though they destroy my base.

    If the game does not allow a base to attack another target when it has been destroyed or has its command center damaged, the same game policy must be used for all attacks, players or forgotten.

    Is it prohibited to make changes to that part of the code? :-?
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  • Players effectively send single waves, not multiple waves.

    For a designer of the code, nothing will be prohibited, but they may choose not to alter sections of code because of unforeseen effects.
    I am not an employee of EA/Envision. The views expressed are my own!
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