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List of Fortress Killing Alliances by World

I have compiled a spreadsheet with a list of worlds and names of alliances that killed each fortress on each world here:

It slightly incomplete: I could not find data for World 3 and World 20, and also for some fortresses I could not find the names of alliances.
Overall, more than 95% of information is available.
If somebody can help fill in the remaining gaps, please respond.


  • Salmoranes
    74 posts Member
    edited October 2019
    Awesome .... thx for that. I like those Informations. Only the Ranking Shows not 100% who won how many times. Theoretically yes, but practically alliances played different worlds under different names while beeing the same alliance.
    As for us Unmentionables we basically played under UM and Federation and atm as IronWolves. I know that can't be shown in a ranking, but I think other allies did the same and so the ranking is not a final one.

    But still a great overview.... thx.
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