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19.4 incompatible scripts



  • Nice work guys i'm sure community appreciate it ;-)
  • Christian17300
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    edited November 2019
    @nefrontheone Merci,
    Tout fonctionnait après les ajustements faits pour 19.3.
    Depuis 19.4 ça ne fonctionne plus.
    je vais donc passer sous chrome bientôt.
    Everything worked after adjustments made to 19.3.
    Since 19.4 it no longer works.
    Thank you, I'll go under Chrome soon.

    Tout fonctionne avec chrome.
  • Please, nobody thinks that only one browser should be used or that I always recommend using the same browser.
    In my house I use several as I am interested. ;-)
    What I intend is to indicate that the developers of the scripts try to make everything work in most browsers but due to their altruistic work, they don't always have time or they can solve all the failures and work on all types of browsers.
    Be sure that they think of everyone and not just a few, working hard for us.
    Not a part of EA / Envision teams - My comments are only mine.
  • autorepair ne fonctionne pas ici

    I do not totally agree with what @nefrontheone has said.
    It is true that an error was reported with version 19.3 regarding the issue of self-repair options but I never tried it.
    On the other hand, I want to add that I have just downloaded the new version for 19.4 of @o0netquik0o and after installing them in Firefox (latest version) I have verified that I can mark the three self-repair options.
    After an attack the view of the attack units appears like this https://prnt.sc/ps7wsj
    After the minutes indicated in the script configuration have elapsed, all units have been repaired https://prnt.sc/ps7ydt
    I think that bug that @Christian17300 indicates has been solved by the @o0netquik0o version or, it could also be that some other script that @Christian17300 uses is preventing him from marking the three self-repair options. Maybe from the pack he uses. :-?
    Always testing something
  • iguanaworld
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    edited November 2019
    I've also tried it with version 19.3 of the game and the three self-repair options are also selectable https://prnt.sc/ps87cs
    And the same procedure of before, attack https://prnt.sc/ps87tx
    An a few minutes later https://prnt.sc/ps8aco
    Always testing something
  • @Christian17300 , if the @o0netquik0o wrapper still fails you, following his advice you should do the following:
    · Take note of the scripts you have activated from the Debitosphere package
    · Disable all the scripts you use and just wrote down (leaving only @o0netquik0o active)
    · Reload the game
    · Check if the self-repair works in Firefox now
    Then you get the following options:
    a) If it works for you, try activating the scripts that you had previously activated one by one (or two to two), reload the game and verify its operation again until you detect which script prevents you from using self-repair
    b) If it does not work for you, something strange you have in your browser installed that is spoiling the use of that repair
    Nota: This task is not to do when you have ten minutes to play because it requires a little patience and a lot of time.
    Not a part of EA / Envision teams - My comments are only mine.
  • @nefrontheone
    Merci pour les conseils.
    Je vais faire ce qui est indiqué pas à pas dès que j'ai le temps pour cela bien sûr.
    Le principal étant que tout est de nouveau fonctionnel avec Chrome.
    Quelque chose doit faire un blocage quelque part et dès que je trouve, je viendrais l'indiquer sur le forum.

    Encore merci et bon jeu.

    Thanks for your advice.
    I will do what is stepping said as soon as I have time for it of course.
    The main one being that everything is functional again with Chrome.
    Something must blockage somewhere and as soon as I find, I would come to indicate this on the forum.

    Again thank you and good play.
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