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No puedo jugar command conquer generals hora Zero

No me deja jugar me sale algo de un virus del harwuar el juego es comprado


  • gamerdruid
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    Unfortunately I don't read or write in Spanish. The translator tells me you bought Generals Zero Hour and you have a virus preventing you playing.

    Where did you buy it? Is it the CD version or downloaded from EA.com?

    Run a good virus check program urgently to remove any viruses on your system.
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  • nefrontheone
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    edited October 2019
    Sorry @gamerdruid, a free translation: "I can't play, the system show me a 'hardware's virus' message. I bought the game."

    I don't know that game but if a real virus is in his system, he must use an antivirus right now !
    You could be more precise with the message that appears because it is very strange that a game warns of a virus, is not its mission.
    No conozco ese juego, pero si hay un virus real en su sistema, ¡debe usar un antivirus ahora mismo!
    Podría ser más preciso con el mensaje que le aparece porque es muy extraño que un juego alerte de un virus, no es su misión.
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  • Si no fuera porque nos avisaste que el juego era comprado y original podría sospechar que lo que has visto es una alerta de tu antivirus porque ha detectado que es un juego pirata.
    Es un juego muy antiguo y es posible que si lo estás intentando jugar con algún sistema operativo muy moderno el problema sea la falta de compatibilidad de tu sistema con un juego tan antiguo. ¿Has probado a lanzarlo con la emulación para XP del sistema?
    If it were not because you told us that the game was purchased and original I might suspect that what you have seen is an alert of your antivirus because it has detected that it is a pirate game.
    It is a very old game and it is possible that if you are trying to play it with some very modern operating system the problem is the lack of compatibility of your system with such an old game. Have you tried launching it with the system XP emulation?
    Not a part of EA / Envision teams - My comments are only mine.
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