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19.5 Requested Updates

I think we should provide EA with a list of requests of features that we'd like to see for the next series of updates. There are a few I have in mind:

Updates impacting farming:

1. Add a activation bar indicator at tunnel exits showing status of activation for tunnel.
2. When a tunnel is clicked on, provide the option (toggle on and off in options) to have the activation area, and spawning area highlighted.
3. Provide a game function that allows a player to filter outposts and camps by hiding certain level of outposts and/or camps from the map.
4. Increase the number of outposts spawned an hour using qualified bases as a function.

*assuming all bases within 4.5 spaces and meet the OL requirement for activation:
5 bases - 1 per hour
6 bases - 2 per hour
8 bases - 3 per hour
10 bases - 4 per hour
12 bases - 6 per hour
14 bases - 8 per hour
16 bases - 10 per hour

Alliance Management:
1. Provide an option that allows Commander-in-Chiefs to move alliance bases around, without requiring to login as a sub. It would function similar to moving one's own bases around. However, to activate this feature, each member would have to agree by selecting the option within the options tab. This will ensure that every player gives permission for the alliance command to move bases.
2. Allow Commanders to mark Forgotten bases, outposts, camps (max up to 40) by changing the color of the Forgotten base and text. Default is yellow. Let a Commander of an alliance select a forgotten base, and select target which changes the color from yellow to red.

2. Allow PVP as an option when the player's account is being substituted.

Game Information
1. Add an in-game scan feature that will scan outposts, camps, and bases when selected. There are scripts that already do this, but the ability of scanning, and sorting through different layouts has become such an integral part of the game, developers should add it as a native feature of the game.
2. Provide a native loot summary for bases similar to ReportStats script.


  • gamerdruid
    3878 posts Moderator
    Surely Alliance Management (1) can be achieved by substitution and (2) is not a lot different to markers already possible

    Game info - it has long been requested that features of scripts be incorporated into the game code.
    I am not an employee of EA/Envision. The views expressed are my own!
  • SpeirFein
    57 posts Member
    edited October 2019
    With the new rules of substitution plus the need for speed and efficiency during pvp, number 1 would improve overall gameplay.

    2. Markers are horrible for marking bases. Inefficient and annoying. You could make paths with markers, but that is also annoying. Markers should be left to mark tunnels and POIs, and provide general direction.

    Or the markers program gets updated to color coding. That would be much better.

    The game has evolved. The game needs to update to provide everyone with tools that help with gameplay, and ease of use.
  • Hi, all

    I would change the behavior of battle view screen.
    I mentioned this in an earlier topic https://forums.ea.com/en/commandandconquer/discussion/242325/chat-window-default-state-and-attack-screen

    Only topmost of ACTIVE units should get focus in autoscroll function. Watching the inactive units are just leaving the battlefield has no sense. This way, you may miss some important info for configuring properly the next run.

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