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info text(s) should be renewed

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edited October 2019
For newcomer players, some of the popup texts do not really help getting better in gaming.

It is an example:
It could be fine to have info about activation rules and values for gaining knowledge for better teamwork - instead the present text. Of course, the full text will not fit into the window, so a link to the proper part of a knowledge base would make learning phase enjoyable.
- Not to mention that the present text is not really true...

- minimal valid off level for activating
- level of appearing Outposts
- chance of appearing Outpost
- activation distance
- number of necessary bases around the tunnel for getting optimal chances... etc.

Regards, Bambi

I have read that activation level will be inserted as one of the changes in the next, 19.4 update

I still think that availability of a continously maintained knowledge base (game description) could be fair enough with links from the relevant parts of the game (where you need the info). This extra helper function should be switched on within options part by default, and could be inactivated by the player who does not need a so detailed help anymore.
Changes may confuse even the players who are experienced but not played for a while. Not mentioning the greenhorns, without help.
Third party pages are not always relevant and contain parts of the gameplay only.

It was always a strange feeling for me to get info from other places not from an official source.
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