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Scripts updated for 19.4 Worlds

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Here you can find the new fixes scripts for worlds with 19.4 version

· Fixed version of Wrapper from @o0netquik0o (for 19.3 and 19.4):
https://github.com/netquik/CnCTA-SoO-SCRIPT-PACK/blob/master/infernal wrapper 0.390737.6.3-10001.user.js
Note: The Movement from @XDaast don't works with this wrapper on 19.3
· Fixed version of Tiberium Alliances AutoRepair from @o0netquik0o (for 19.3 and 19.4):
https://github.com/netquik/CnCTA-SoO-SCRIPT-PACK/blob/master/Tiberium Alliances Auto Repair 1.0.1-10066.user.js
· Fixed version of The movement from @XDaast (for 19.4):
https://github.com/netquik/CnCTA-SoO-SCRIPT-PACK/blob/master/Tiberium Alliances The Movement
· Fixed version of The Movement from @o0netquik0o (for 19.3 & 19.4): https://raw.githubusercontent.com/netquik/CnCTA-SoO-SCRIPT-PACK/master/TA_TheMovement.user.js
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