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New classic server request



  • Lol complaining about others asking for something is just silly and makes it look like you're sulking about guys using the forum the way it was intended.

    Players should use the forum to make requests and give feedback (positive and negative). It's how improvements get made, and it helps the developers gain a better understanding of what their player base wants. Having a thread where guys can express disappointment over not having a new classic server start for 5 months is the best way to bring this to EA's attention, and remind them there are guys that buy funds who enjoy those kinds of servers too.

    Whether EA listens or not is up to the developers, of course. But they have been responsive in the past, and it's led to a better game experience and new servers opening on many occasions.
  • brace yourself, "When T43?" messages are coming soon :blush:
    AlkalyneD4, cnc-map.com/ccta-stats.com developer
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