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Move Recovery And Impact on Resource Production


Could you provide some clarification on how move recovery impacts resource production?

Example 1:
Next package production will be ready in 6 hours. If a player moves the base and production is paused for 1 hour.

Will package production be available in 5 hours? Or does package production completely reset and a timer starts for 6 hours again?

Ultimately, can a player time movement of a base to ensure that package production is not limited or is package production reset to 6 hours (assuming level 12+ harvesters) after each move?


  • jbl3ck
    84 posts Member
    edited November 2020
    my 2 cents...package production when you move:
    • is reset
    • is restarted (not resumed) after the mr is done with
    • is lost (the percentage that's reached before you move + the mr)

    When digging or on the move for whatever reason (war)... concentrate on continuous production only and keep the package buildings at minimum levels (at least 10 levels lower then the full continuous production ones).

    Think of them (the package buildings: power plant, harvester and rafinery) as if they are tiberium or crystal fields on a layout... a level 1 is enough.
    I know they also have continuous production, but... having them at extreme low levels allows you to replace them with ease if needed without concern for resource loss.

    Find the levels that suit u best in the end... the scenario mentioned above is for constantly moving bases only.
  • EE_Elephterion
    1708 posts Envision Developer
    edited November 2020
    Hello Commanders,

    I think the answer is as straightforward as the game lets you know: If it says the production of packages is paused until the move recovery has ended, then that's what is happening. The timer for a new package stays where it is until the move cooldown is gone, then continues to tick down as normal.
    You can consider the time of the move recovery added to the current production times, essentially. I'm not entirely sure why in your scenario the timer should be at 5 hours remaining if you waited 1h during move recovery.

    If you move a base with packages ready and then collect, the next production cycle for packages also won't start until the move recovery is done, so no way getting around that I believe.
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