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How to play RA2 and Yuri's Revenge.

If you re trying to play RA2 and you either get a black screen or it asks for a cd all you have to do is turn the entire RA2 file into in iso. Then once you have the iso you mount it and then click the launcher in the iso.
YR worked for me but it was really slow. To fix that all you have to do is add "VideoBackBuffer=no" inside both RA2.ini / RA2MD.ini files under the Video section. It will speed the game up and you wont have the game stuttering.
You can also change the resolution by adding "AllowHiResModes=yes AllowVRAMSidebar=no" into the INI files under the Video section but it worked for YR but not RA2.

These fixes worked for my problems with the game but... well I hoped they helped.


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