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After Fortress Destroyed

Hey developers,

How about after the Fortress is destroyed and a player receives a badge on a world, their accounts are immediately deactivated on that server?

The problem I've come across is that the first alliance badges and then decides to 'police' that server and bully everybody else (they're obviously the best players) and decide who's allowed to have a go at the Fortress next.

I can't think of any reason to allow players that have badged to continue playing. What reason would they have to stick around, other than to bully everybody else? It turns so many other players off the game who stop funding at that stage. I understand that alliances have wings and the alliance that badges first will want to support their wing but it would actually add an interesting element to the game: the 'parent' alliance would have to make sure everything is in order for their wing to progress before going in for the Fortress kill and waving goodbye to the server.

Is it true that it's usually the same players destroying the Fortress again and again, with different alliances, to help the other players in those alliances get badges?

Wrath 24 - TTD have already decided the order there so everyone else may as well give up.
#1 - TTD main
#2 - Crazy Machine
#3 - TTD White
#4 - TTD Green
#5 - TTD Grey
#6 - (whoever sucks up most next)
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