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Hick ups


Whats the problem for an exampel Tiberium 41
When you are logged in the game, after a while it hicks up and all window turn black.
Then it bulds back, but map is half emty like bases etc is gone, ad cant se mine own base or others baes?

Send a printscreeen with here so you can see how it turne.




  • gamerdruid
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    Try clearing your cache, cookies and browser history. That type of problem is generally resolved by doing so.
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  • hi.
    Now i have got realy tired on this hick ups black window rull back half map is gone.
    it happens every 5 min, before it happen only in tib41 now in all new worlds.

    it started up more frekvent after last upgrade

    It dosnt help to clear the webbreader

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