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Red Alert 1 Cheat Codes For PC?

I have red alert / Windows 10 for PC. Is there a cheat code for full map? If so, how do you enter it in and what is it? Doesn’t seem to be as function-able as even the PS1...


  • You need to play the Campaign as-is, you can't just enter a code and get the map you want.
    I would suggest the OpenRA Project if you want to replay a specific map or mission.

    If you are on about Displaying the entire Map on the Screen, then you need to adjust your Screen Resolution for the Game (Check RedAlertConfig.exe located in your Game Directory). You may want to look at CnCNet for Unofficial Patches*.

    *DISCLAIMER: I am not responsible for anything going wrong if you use the Unofficial Patches, or for accessing the CnCNet Site.
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