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latest update

you guys have really messed world 42 up!!!! the changes to the sim are just awful - I wished I could say it was great but this is so screwed up folks!!!


  • hi, anyone know if it is possible to disable those arrows? [url]https://prnt.sc/qcp9r8[/url]
    They block sight of first row in combat mode + are completly useless...
  • Ok these arrows are the dumbest **** sh!t you have ever done, you really outdone yourselves this time.

    These arrows makes the icon on the attacking base look like a work of genius and super useful lol

    1. You could have an enable/disable option.... Cause YOU think they are great doesnt mean that everyone else thinks the same.... an ape can figure that out.

    2. They are too small to be even remotely useful. Its easier and faster to manually swap units than trying to click these [email protected] arrows.

    3. You could reduce the units size just a bit to make'em bigger but yeah why bother.... lets just add the damn things.

    4. You can add more useless staff above the arrows, like weather, underwear offers, goat milk discounts, etc etc and dont stop until the spectate windows is only 1 pixel tall.

    ...a.and yes Devs... I have a bad mouth and I make fun of you cause you add to the game every dumb useless sh!t that no one asked for and you force them/us to play with it, Instead of making the game more stable. error free, restore TEAMWORK (in a TEAMWORK game) make it fun/less boring, favor PvP in a WAR GAME and giving it a face-lift cause the game looks like it came out from a 1990's cave.

    In every update you make it worse, in every update you putting one more nail to the coffin... and then you wonder why the game is dying.

  • OPI-LV
    3 posts New member
    arrows are meaningless, cover up view of the first def line !
  • inzomn1a
    80 posts Member
    edited December 2019
    Yes, I was wondering what those things were when I logged in and then I remember the servers were scheduled for downtime maintenance. Nice :-)

    Sarcasm aside, yes i do find them annoying and serves no use. This will give me carpal tunnel syndrome. Remove them please!
  • Firaxis games are usually great because developers are playing them. Are actually developers playing this game or just make stupid changes without making a real test?
  • Remove the arrows, are completely useless and block the view.
  • Zu dem Kommentar von Phain0n ist nichts mehr hinzuzufügen - ich habe dieses Spiel geliebt - es verkommt immer mehr zu einer schlechten funktionierenden, teueren "Ego-shooter-Geschichte"
  • I really wish we could ALL just **** LEAVE this game, have all developers and managers FIRED and then hopefully EA gets smarter, hires smarter folks who actually cares about ENTIRE ASPECTS of the game, including ALL SCRIPTS that NORMALLY HAD to be PART of the GAME but ARE NOT - at least DO NOT SCREW ALL SCRIPTS FOLKS ARE GETTING THEIR PRECIOUS UNPAAAAAAIIIIIIIDDDDDDDDDDD TIME for the love of the game !
  • some of you , should be talking bit more polite. Because you dont like something or you find it useless doesnt give you the right to insulting and swearing this way . You are simple disgusting some of you `
  • If @artun110 doesn't like the game then he is free to leave. BUT NO, he won't simply leave and go play something else!
    I am not an employee of EA/Envision. The views expressed are my own!
  • @Sorrowman yeah like you were on W24 and WCS right? You are the bright example of a polite person ye? hahaha
    Next time at least have the balls to say names and not say "Some of you" and present a valid argument about it.

    Also do you have anything to add to the topic or you just posted to insult people by calling them disgusting? What happened to your manners Shorrowman? haha You peed on you won feet there.

    @Gamedruid Nice reply from a moderator there. Not only you obviously missed Artuns point bbut at the same time you proved him correct that EA should fire all devs including the forum mods / you for doing replies like this.
    If you dont like what people say in this forum then YOU should go mod something else.
    and ye... your post... what a bloody damn good addition to this threads topic, it helped a ton.... Very well done.

  • Hi All
    Please put a disable feature on the combat arrows. This is a feature I would never use and it blocks the view.

  • Opoios exei tin miga migiazete Phain0n.
    You were not the only one with disgusting comments actually phain0n and have nothing against you . However yeah is world wide well known I am good example of politeness B) thanks for pointing it out for me
  • methuselah
    458 posts Senior Moderator
    This is being looked at, I'm sure the dev team will have further communications at some point. Thanks for the input even if the conversation got off track a bit.
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