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Defeating Machine Gun Nests

What is the best offensive unit to defeat a Machine Gun nest?
I have been using Predator tanks but are there any better units for disposing of these nests?


  • Hello Commander,

    if you want to find out what type a unit has, you can move your mouse over the unit and it will produce a tooltip. These will include keywords, such as Infantry or vehicle. This should also tell you what's the specialty of that unit is and against which type of units it is effective.
    In addition you can consult the Arsenal, in the gray little Info box on the bottom right corner in the game window. There you can find all kinds of useful information on all units in the game of all factions.

    To answer your question directly:
    MG nests, both GDI and Nod, are counted as Infantry units themselfs, that are specialized against other infantry. So any Vehicle or Aircraft effective against infantry has an advantage over them, such as the Guardian of GDI and the Venom & Reckoner of Nod.
    Envision Entertainment Community Liaison
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