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I want to buy and play these incredible game again! 1 & 2 I mean.

I would happily pay for these game and I know there are many more that would like to.
I feel it would be a great shame for it to fall into mere memory because of technical issues.
Is it so much to ask to Remaster them, like Age Of Empires 2 have done?
Did they not make a profit from it, if that's the issue?
If they didn't make a profit its not like a tiny percentage of EAs Sport online transaction games profits could not be given to give fans on this genre an amazing gift...while making some money back in the process.
It would even be good PR and god knows EA needs some right now.

Please EA!


  • If you are referring to Command & Conquer Tiberian Dawn (1995) and Command & Conquer Red Alert 1, remasters are on the way. There is also CnCNet* (in the event you can't wait that long). Though, there is also Command & Conquer Ultimate Collection, though some issues do exist for Windows 10. You can try the 'C&CUC Launcher Patch' located on MODdb**.

    *DISCLAIMER: CnCNet is not an EA Company, it is Community Based. Please note I am not responsible for anything going wrong should you go looking on CnCNet.
    **DISCLAIMER: I am not responsible for anything going wrong if you use the Unofficial Patches from MODdb.
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