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godave1821 can't leave his alliance

I am subbing for godave1821, I think the server is wrath22. I will double check this and get back to you if it not correct. Anyway, I go into his account when subbing and I looked under 'alliance' and then under 'roster' for the controls to change his membership. I know I am suppose to change his profile back to 'member' so he can leave the alliance. Not one of the buttons except 'invite' is solid so I can use them. Not sure what happened but it should be looked into quickly.

As far as I know, I was granted full access to his account so I should be able to have him leave his alliance and join another for him.

Please look into for me.


  • Sorry, that should say 'I can't use them.' Not 'I can use them'. My bad.
  • gamerdruid
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    There are limits to what a sub can do when subbing an officer, SiC and CiC. You've found one of them!

    As a sub you can't disband an alliance nor can you change the rank of members. He's stuck unless you can get the player to log in and change the rank himself.
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  • Thank you and Bless you for at least getting back to me and telling me this. I will once again email my friend for whom I subbing and notify him that he needs to come back into his account and fix this problem.

    Thank you again!
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