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Red Alert 2

The game refuses to launch


  • OK, you need to provide more information than that.
    Saying something doesn't work, and then not providing information about how/why it isn't working is only going to mean you won't get a reply.
    Start by telling us what Operating System you're using. Also, have you tried Running as Admin and using Compatibility Mode (Windows 7 Mode if you're on Windows 10). Also tell us, what Version of the game you have (Original Disc/First Decade Release Disc/Ultimate Collection Download from Origin). Original Disc may not work on Windows 10 no matter how much you try.
    Here are some Common Issues: If you're getting a Runtime Error (Update your System via Windows Update or via the Microsoft Website). If you're getting an Error Code, what is the Error Code. If it says missing DLL, or String Missing (This is due to a missing DLL), then reinstall your game, and if the issue persists, search for the DLL Files on MODdb* (You will find the files you need there, and you can read the readme files for installation instructions).

    *DISCLAIMER: I am not responsible for you messing up your game or your system, please take care when accessing site external from EA.
  • Good afternoon! I have the same problem. The game just does not start.
    Windows Operating System 7. Can an antivirus block application launch?
  • aeik81
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    Hello i can't find a source or redalert 2 and yuri revenge, i only can find redalert 3 on EA, any ideas?
  • gamerdruid
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    I am not an employee of EA/Envision. The views expressed are my own!
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