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T43 Multiaccounts still in game

i see noone from moderators or developments do nothink to eliminate massive multiaccounts users
look this screen.... this is madness
and if you will check evry world you will see the same in evry alliance ... how to play fair even if you use founds if someone play at begining for so many accounts..... and later when he grow up play by one only.... but this is no how this game should look....


  • gamerdruid
    5025 posts Moderator
    Moderators have no power to act so I resent the implication that we do not act when we're not able to!

    Multi-accounts are actually not banned so to expect action is not reasonable. You are able to use multi-accounts in the same way. The action of the developers over the last few years has seen multiple attempts at reducing the so called benefit of multi-accounts.
    I am not an employee of EA/Envision. The views expressed are my own!
  • it is not fair for ppl who not create specjal 16 emails acc to get 16 acc in game to boost self at begining......
    weak .... but understand what you writed....
  • Wadafaka Madafaka ..... i understand use multiacc meaning use 2 acc one NOD one GDI but 16...... ****???????????????? next maybe 1 alliance 2 guys 25acc each... **** what a low thinking.......
    and fair fair gameplay
    money money money money.....more money
  • could be a nice mission for PvP lovers...
    create a new account , join the PvP alliance/squad and wreak havoc...

    waiting for devs to change stuff is hopeless...
  • Allowed, always has been and nothing wrong with it, never has been. Marvel at higher skilled players or get out of the way.
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