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  • nefrontheone
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    There are times when the browser displays a message saying "there is a script that is causing a slowdown in the loading of the page" or something similar.

    This error happens in both Firefox and Chrome and you have two options, wait to see if the loading process continues normally or stop the page loading and force a reload.

    In my case I don't have TABS activated because I use TACS by default but I also use many more scripts and sometimes I have encountered this error, for example, changing from one world to another.

    Perhaps the failure is produced by some other script but the only way to find it would be to carry out continuous tests by deactivating the scripts one by one but still, it is possible that the error only occurs if it is caused by a set of scripts or the Tampermonkey / Greasymonkey itself.
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  • @arachnovia There is a German Language forum where you may get a response in German, this is a forum where English is the language used.
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