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MaelstromTools Dev (Modv1.6 for MCV) + Chat Close on Start

Hi guys!
Just opening a new thread for a new version of MaelstromTools Dev.
This is based on the most recent version from authors.
It includes Modv1.6 for MCV made by me some years ago.


I now added an extra option in Maelstrom preferences that should be useful to some of you.
It gives the chance to set the chat to be closed at game start.
(some of you have told me that the chat can be annoying using simulators or on low screen resolution)


Hope you will find it useful!

MaelstromTools Dev (Modv1.6 for MCV) (Chat Close Start)
CnCTA-SoO-SCRIPT-PACK for Google Chrome - bit.ly/CnCTA-SoO-SCRIPT-PACK
My GitHUB Scripts Repo - bit.ly/CnCTA-SoO


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