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TACS (Tiberium Alliances Combat Simulator) - Testing - Modding - Fixing

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TACS (Tiberium Alliances Combat Simulator) - Testing - Modding - Fixing

This is the reference thread dedicated to improving TACS (Tiberium Alliances Combat Simulator) Script.

Follows the discussion, hard work and deep testing done at

Improving the script started aiming at resolving a problem introduced in 19.5 server update that adds a new bar in AttackSetup area causing difficulty to see the first line of Defense when attacking.

Most recent test version is available at CnCTA-SoO-SCRIPT-PACK Repo on GitHub
Last version -> 3.59c

Changelog since 3.52b (or such) -  Jobs done so far:
  • PlayArea(MainOverlay) positioning to unhide First Line Defense[/li]
  • Fixed TACS Options
  • Changed side bars for better view
  • New code for sidebar LEFT/RIGHT placing option
  • New code for detecting Desktop Resize and improve View
  • Other minor GUI fixes
  • Some recode for new functions
  • 20.1 Patch Ready
  • TopBar display management recoded
  • 20.2 Patch Ready

Any help, suggestion and feedback is much appreciate. Bugs and testing better come with screenshots or debug console errors.

IMPORTANT: Clear or Disable browser cache before testing and in case of problems/errors.

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