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Tiberium Alliances Battle Simulator V2 (TABS) - Testing - Modding - Fixing



  • "Skip" button, I do see it useful but if it worked as it should, it leaves my screen full of explosions and smoke so that you can hardly see anything or understand how everything really looks. :-(

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  • ok but i think it ihas same function of the previous button.. so probably useless
  • Yes. yes, thats button.
    Similar to "Go to the end fast".
    The result is the snapshot I put before.
    Not a part of EA / Envision teams - My comments are only mine.
  • ok but if the function is the same we can remove the skip button... maybe i can try to find the game code function for that button and verify
  • It does not bother, from the point of view that no error message is displayed, nor does the game stop working.

    Perhaps it is simpler, to leave it as it is for now.
    Not a part of EA / Envision teams - My comments are only mine.
  • o0netquik0o
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    edited March 17
    Ok so the skipend function does just this

    var BG = ClientLib.Vis.VisMain.GetInstance().get_Battleground();
    var BattleMode = BG.get_Mode();
    if (BattleMode == 1) { // that is Replay mode
    BG.GIQUXI = true;

    you can't try this on console because GIQUXI is the method for the "CombatComplete" ( and the game has only the a get_CombatComplete and not set). (in a script i would find the methodname using regex per world). Any way the TABS script button instead set the replay speed to 10000 (instead of 1 default) and on uitick it resets it to 1.

    The only difference i can observe is that while the official function does not follow the auto-scrolling setting ( the button on the right) just because it just assumes that the combat is over and refresh.. the TABS function plays with speed so you can observe the army with auto scrolling til the end.
  • well actually it definitely useless for me.. and we should start cleaning some code that gives only "weight" to the scripts. You can see in TACS that the also has removed that function. Maybe the game did not have one skiptoend function when these scripts were firstly coded.

    they were checking ClientLib.Vis.VisMain.GetInstance().get_Battleground().get_Simulation().DoStep
    that as long as i can understand is not a function of the game anymore

    TACS ha yet the function in the script but not used (button code wasblock commented)

    TABS has the same function but maybe someone fixed it adding replay speed to 10000 after seeing DoStep undefined.

    It's obsolete code to me.
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